Registration on our site is free. On becoming registered members of, a number of free services are made available to the members. They are as follows: 


Registered members can see offers in the trade board section. One can also view the offers of other parties and reply to them.


A registered member can list their company name in the directory and also update the details regularly. Their details such as name, address and phone number will be viewed by paid and free members.

CAREER SERVICES allows free access to all its registered members to advertise for any kind of vacancy available in his organization so that he can get the best employee from the list of interested candidates. 
By seeing the list of resumes the members of our registered organizations can search for suitable employees for their organizations.

TIMBER TECHNOLOGY also has a technology section where it proposes to give information on a series of technologically advanced machines that cut production times and increase productivity, with special attention given to aspects regarding safety. Registered members can have access to information regarding machinery.

TIMBER PRODUCTS now provides information on new products characterized by a high technological level and compared to panels coated via more traditional methodologies, offering remarkable advantages from both the aesthetic and function point of view.Registered members can have access to information regarding timber products.

STOCK REPORTS shall provide registered members with the detailed information about Stock Market on date as well as the Stock Reports of various Players of the Industry on the current date / day. The stock reports & the Stock market news will be mainly focused on the Asian Market.


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