Members are divided into two categories: PAID and FREE. Paid members are of five categories, viz. Standard, Premium, Gold, Platinum and Platinum+. The paid members have the following advantages over the free members:

Paid members can browse and have access to both paid and unpaid members' details.

To be registered as a paid member, the registration fee varies between US$ 99 to US$ 1999 per year,  depending on the type of registration plan you choose.

A paid member can display all its details in the directory listing. Details like URL, e-mail address and  fax along with name, phone and address will be viewed by all the visitors. By this facility anyone can  have access to the complete details of your company that you wish to provide.

You can promote and expand your business globally in the new emerging markets.

A paid member can access the full database (e- directory) all the information including telephone number, fax, email address and website link. He can also view full details of non paid members or   company listed in the e-directory.

A paid member can post trade offers in the trade board and can receive replies to all the offers directly.

A paid member can e-mail us his press releases which we can put up in our press release section.

A paid member will also be mailed news and other updates by

Platinum and Platinum+ members can enjoy priority listing. They will be given special mail id and  special trade offers. Moreover, their companies will be featured in our website in the form of a write-up  about their companies.

For further details about the services we provide to our paid members, go through the comparison between the various registration plans.

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