Non Contact Weight control :-

Electronic Wood systems introduces a new developed solution for cross density profile and panel weighing.

The new scale is of big advantage if high production speed does not allow stopping the panel for measurement on a mechanical scale. Also the existing space becomes a problem, if the press will be extended for higher production capacity or if the board lengths exceeds the dimensions of the existing board scale. Board scale up to 80 mm Can be measured with the new system. Accuracy on thick panels is +/- 0.3% & on very thin panels +/- 3 percent.  CONTI – SCALE measure the distribution of the

panel weight length and crosswise to production. If data from a thickness gauge is integrated, the system shows the evaluations of the density. These are helpful information to control the press and for adjustments of the forming section.

The scale works with very low isotopic radiation and is non contact. The system does not require re-calibration procedures after start up and is not sensitive to high speed, variation and high temperature of the panels.


Record 240 work center from SCM:-


The Record 240 work center from SCM is equipped with the TECHNO machining head (3 – axis unit + prisma K 5 axis unit). SCM has now updated and completely redesigned the RECORD 240 TECHNO in a new NT version. Each machining head is controlled by an independent Z axis in order to increase the precision and speed in machining changeover. The Prisma k 5 unit has a new structure, stronger and with total torque System (TTS) on the main rotating axis to further improve rigidity during machining. The vector rotating axis on the 3 axis unit is completely new, for better control of the auxiliary unit for example rotating waste conveyors that improve dust exhaust.

A new 12 position automatic tool changer has been fitted on the Prisma K machining head in order to provide greater tool availability on board. Record 240 NT TECHNO can be equipped with one of the many types SCM worktables available. The TVN worktable is equipped with bars and suction cups. The bars can be equipped with a

 wide  range of component clamping devices such as suction cups of any size and shape, horizontal pneumatic clamps, specially made clamping device to carry out non-standard machining. Auto set worktable is an exclusive SCM system which allows full automatic reconfiguration of the table, of all the bars , suction cups and pneumatic clamps located on the machine in less than four seconds. The Easy set worktable is a new SCM system for ‘step by step’ automatic re-configuration of the bars, suction cups and pneumatic clamps. TVN set worktable allows the full automatic re-configuration of the bars according to the component length.

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